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Traditional Tortilla

Potato omelette with free range eggs and onion. Plain

Traditional Tortilla

  • Plain


  • With Bakalao (salted cod)


  • With red peppers


Homemade Croquets x3

Homemade croquets

  • With Bakalao


  • With Mushrooms


  • With Iberico ham


Meat and cheese board

Cheese board

  • Meat and cheese board for 2


    An appetizing platter with jamon Iberico, chorizo Iberico, salchichon Iberico, lomo, Manchego, blue cheese, quince jelly and grapes.

  • Cheese board for 2


    Selection of Manchego, blue cheese, goat’s cheese, quince paste, grapes, homemade caramelised onion and homemade blueberry sauce.

Veggie tapas/Pintxos

Veggie tapas/pintxos

  • Quail eggs in vinaigrette


    Organic quail eggs in a tangy vinaigrette.

  • Padron peppers


    Juicy peppers lightly fried in extra virgin olive oil, seasoned with sea salt.

  • Russian salad


    Made with creamy potatoes, peas, carrots, roasted red peppers and olives.

  • Pisto


    A delicious vegetables stew (courgettes, aubergines and peppers) in a tangy tomato sauce.

  • Goat cheese bites with blueberry


    Scrumptious panko crumbed goat cheese filled with a rich blueberry jam and deep fried served with blue berry sauce.

  • Olives


    Mixed Spanish olives marinated in fresh herbs, spices and extra virgin olive oil.

  • Patatas bravas


    Deep fried potato served with our secret recipe garlic chili and tomato based Bravas sauce and garlic mayonnaise.

  • Goat’s cheese with sherry sauce


    Creamy goat cheese on caramelized onion toast drizzled with Pedro Ximenez sherry sauce.

  • Lentils with veg


    Hearty, savory lightly spiced lentils with vegetables.

  • Pan Tumaca


    Toasted bread rubbed with fresh garlic, grated tomato and extra virgin olive oil.

Seafood tapas/Pintxos

Seafood tapas/pintxos

  • Gambas al Ajillo


    4 x Large 20/30 succulent king prawns cooked in olive oil, garlic, parsley and white wine sauce.

  • Gilda


    Cantabric anchovy with piparra chili, pepinillo and a Manzanilla olive.

  • Calamares


    Lightly floured, deep fried marinated calamari rings. Served with aioli.

  • Giant wild prawns a la plancha


    Pan grilled wild prawns with a garlic parsley virgin olive oil

  • Whitebait


    Lightly floured deep fried whitebait served with aioli.

  • Pulpo a la Gallega


    Tender Galician octopus served on sliced baby potatoes dressed with pimenton, extra virgin olive oil parsley and sea salt flakes.

  • Mediterranean salad


    Fresh crispy lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, spring onions, tuna, quail egg and olives dressed in a vinaigrette sauce.

  • Sardines


    Wild Atlantic sardines x 3 Pan grilled and served on fresh tomatoes.

  • Txipirones Fritos


    Lightly floured deep fried mini squid.

  • Oysters

    Ask staff for availability.

Meaty tapas/Pintxos

Meaty tapas/pintxos

  • Txistorra


    Chorizo from the Basque country pan fried and served on 2 skewers with Padron peppers.

  • Chorizo in cider


    Delicious semi cured chorizo cooked in olive oil and Spanish cider with smoked pimenton.

  • Pollo al Ajillo


    Delicious free range chicken thigh meat cooked in olive oil, garlic thyme and white wine.

  • Albondigas


    Lean beef meatballs with herbs and spices smothered in a delicious tomato based sauce.

  • Diablo Wings


    Free range chicken wings served with a hot spicy sauce and garlic mayonnaise

  • Chicken Pintxo Moruno


    Traditional Pintxo with free range chicken breast marinated in a Moorish blend of spices, chili and pan grilled on 2 skewers.

  • Lamb Pintxo Moruno


    Traditional Pintxo with succulent lamb marinated in a Moorish blend of spices, chili and pan grilled on 2 skewers.

  • Morcilla (Black pudding from Burgos)


    Delicious black pudding stuffed with onion, garlic, paprika, oregano and rice. Served on olive bread toast.

  • Chickpeas with chicken and chorizo


    A traditional Spanish brothy dish packed with flavour.



  • Basque cake


    A light and delicious cake from the Basque Country made with soft sponge and filled with creamy vanilla center.

  • Tarta de Santiago


    Traditional cake made from almond flour. Moist and delicious.

  • Crema Catalana


    The traditional custard from Catalonia, with a hint of citrus and cinnamon and a caramelized topping.

  • Churros con chocolate


    Light and crisp fried dough, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and served with warm chocolate sauce.



  • Expresso


  • Americano


  • Macchiato


  • Cortado


  • Cappuchino


  • Doppio (double expresso)


  • Mocha


  • Carajillo (with brandy)


  • Café con leche




  • English Breakfast


  • Green tea


  • Oolong tea


  • Earl Grey


  • Matcha


  • Peppermint


  • Rooibos (caffeine free)


Food allergies and intolerances

*Should you have any concern about a food allergy or intolerance please speak with our staff prior to ordering.

*There is no service charge at Maria’s Tortilla but discretionary tips are appreciated and shared amongst staff.

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